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The harsh reality is nearly anyone armed with a baseball bat can take a life. This is why the NYPD trains an officer to respond with lethal force when facing this threat. With the recent indictment of NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry despite him acting “Within Dep't Guidelines” pro-law enforcement clothing line Midnight Platoon has announced the launch of a fundraiser t-shirt to help the Sergeant in his time of need.

Bronx, New York. June 14, 2017

There are few jobs where a person is placed in the face of danger or forced to make quick decisions regarding life and death as often as that of a NYPD officer. This explains why many won't just sit back when an officer acts justly and still finds themselves under attack by outside elements of the administration of the same place they are sworn to protect. Pro-law enforcement clothing line Midnight Platoon have “taken point” in this area whenever necessary, recently announcing they are stepping up to help the latest officer to face this kind of dire threat NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry, with the launch of a special fund and awareness raising “Within Dep't Guidelines” design. Sgt. Barry has been indicted despite using lethal force against an aggressive person armed with a baseball bat, something which is defined in the NYS Penal Law as a dangerous weapon. Barry used his firearm to defend himself as he believed he was going to suffer a serious physical injury or even death. The Penal Law does not address the mental condition of the person wielding the dangerous instrument; however, Danner was holding a pair of scissors when Barry first encountered her abut opted not to use his firearm then in an attempt to deescalate the situation which became more volatile when Dazzler grabbed a bat. A Taser, based on the force continuum, would not have been a feasible option because it is less than lethal and has more success when a subject’s back is exposed.

“According to training received in the NYPD Police Academy and also at the NYPD firing range, utilizing the 5 man position target which was used to identify lethal threats, discharging your service weapon to eliminate the threat of a person armed with a baseball bat is a justifiable use of deadly physical force,” commented injured in the line of duty and retired NYPD narcotics Detective Andrew Liakos, Founder of Midnight Platoon. “We were all trained to shoot at targets displaying a person armed with a baseball bat. Immediately after Barry’s shooting those targets were removed from all department ranges, despite being used for many years. That was basis for the design foundation 'Within Department Guidelines'. Sgt. Barry deserves all the support in the world. We will never forget training, the use of force continuum and of course range target #2, a man wielding a baseball bat.”

According to Midnight Platoon, research has shown that it only takes 73 Newtons of force, or 16lbs of pressure to fracture a human skull at a one inch point of impact, something easily achieved by anyone armed with a baseball bat – from a child all the way to an elderly adult. The fact that Sgt Barry was in a highly volatile situation facing a person armed with a baseball bat is not under dispute by anyone – and only the Bronx District Attorney seems interested in prosecuting the officer for doing his job within reason. “Something’s not right in this world when a Sergeant who was called to a location because of irrational behavior and identifies a lethal threat is now being accused of murder.” Midnight Platoon was created to honor law enforcement and show solidarity, when necessary, in just these kinds of situations. The decision to launch the “Within Dep't Guidelines” where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the GoFundMe campaign set up for the Sergeant by the NYPD Sergeant’s Benevolant Association was an easy one.

The response to the new shirt has been passionate.

Andrew Liakos
Midnight Platoon Clothing
Email: drew@midnightplatoon.com
Ph: 646-584-9770


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