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Designing a new website can be tedious but once the complete look starts coming together it is worth every second of the 400 plus hours i've put into it so far. I can't help but be a perfectionist. I remember in college when I would write a thirty page paper and would spend ten or more minutes on one single sentence on page two because I knew there was a better choice of wording that held a slightly greater impact. This felt similar until the look started coming together. Then, as the look starting coming together, it morphed into an amazing feeling of pride and achievement. I'm prideful because of you. Because our nations most courageous men and women are here reading this and we promise to give you the greatest experience as you spend your hard earned money and little free time learning and becoming part of our family.

Our old website was created by a co-founder and undercover in NYPD OCCB. But you can imagine how that went. He is super talented and extremely creative but still has a full time profession getting savages to trust him as he was deep undercover. I honestly felt guilt every time I needed to ask him for a favor because I knew how busy he was and when he was free he was a dedicated family man.

The only solution was to build our own website from scratch. We learned everything there is to learn about turning our list of web demands into a cyber dream come true. Since Midnight Platoon is a family of enforcers, military defenders and extreme U.S. Patriots we wanted our new website to be much more interactive so our clients can grasp just how important they are to us. I also wanted to show you how much we truly care about our fallen family, as nothing breaks our heart more. We now have the option of video content that helps pass our message, blog, adding pictures and logos where we want. We finally get to spread our message effectively.

We still can't believe we have a blog that actually functions and also have the ability to donate to charities of your choice upon checkout (see philanthropy). I chose this pic to discuss our new digital fingerprint because, like in the picture, we honor our nation and the fallen first but look towards the future with respect and enthusiasm. We will never forget any of our nations warriors who sacrificed everything domestic and abroad and will always honor their courage as we move on in this mad world.

Thank you all for reading and being here to experience and become part of The Midnight Platoon family. And if you don't typically work nights just keep in mind that the founders here were never assigned to a steady "Midnight Platoon" but just happened to love the hunt and a bit more so when our shifts surrounded 2400 hours. Much love to you and all of our loyal brothers and sisters.

Keep safe always,

Andrew Liakos
Founder at MP

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