BLACKED OUT FOR NIGHT OPS. The Midnight Platoon Blackout Logo hat is a premium flexfit hat with black threads perfectly embroidered with our 3D technique for the MP logo. A new revised 1* (one ass to risk) logo is now embroidered on the BACK CENTER (see picture of redesign)

Each time we put on our vest we reflect upon our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are willing to lay down our own lives for others. Not many can comprehend what we do everyday... that's ok, we have each other, we're a badass family of ENFORCERS-DEFENDERS-PATRIOTS. . and besides, we happen to adore when justice and darkness intertwine. This will be your go to hat, not just because of the look, but also the meaning of the MP brotherhood that stands beside you wearing it when things go bump. Keep safe always.