It's in our DNA. The Midnight Platoon family was created by Andrew Liakos after a line of duty shooting with a narco. / gun dealer in 2009. During the year while the DA's office investigated his jusitfied shooting he set out to captured a clip from their experiences hunting the most violent and displayed it on the highest quality soft shirt he could source. The outcome was unbelievable. Months of research into inks, textiles and processes had paid off. His father Peter had always been in the clothing manufacturing industry and launching a brand was always Andrew's the plan but much closer to retirement until the small break in enforcement. The MP lifestyle brand became relentless with debt and gratitude to the tight groups of NYPD OCCB Detectives working heavy enforcement teams throughout New York Cities' 5 boroughs.

     0400 Tactical meetings before search warrants or narco ‘buy and bust’ operations were being held with almost all of the field team wearing the Midnight Platoon biker hoodie. It was a ‘uniform of the night’ for the investigators. Undercovers repp'ed MP indoors and off duty for safety. Midnight Platoon LLC was officially formed in 2011 (so we can pay our dues to Uncle Sam & didn’t get jammed up) We are built from a strong crew of Law Enforcers, Military and extreme Patriots who just happen to love when the night and justice intertwine.

     It's in your DNA too. Because of your support for the MP lifestyle we are now a globally embraced brand heavily represented in the United States but also landing on enforcers backs in over 20 foreign countries. When you see someone wearing the Midnight Platoon brand, you’ll know, this is a person who will sacrifice everything for others and we would without hesitation risk it all for you. 

     We take so much pride in our quality and customer care because we're constantly interacting with the finest of clients who swore the same oath. There's no rank within the MP family. When you represent this brand and join the MP crew you become our brother or sister and we are honored to be yours. As your brothers we wish you and your loved ones the very best in health, happiness and safety always.

Give 'em hell,

The Midnight Platoon Crew