*DONATION PROGRAM STARTING SOON*   At Midnight Platoon we are proud to announce that a portion of each sale goes directly a charity selected by you upon checkout. 

     Our primary focus has always been achieving the greatest experience for you. And because of you and your tremendous support we are able to truly help our nation's finest domestic warriors and patriots in their critical time of need. We bleed blue and what that really means is that there's unconditional love for our brothers and sisters that is deeply imbedded in our DNA. We know you are just like us and want the very best for our nation's seriously injured heroes. When we learn of an officer injured we often send out free shirts and other gifts with a hand written message of encouragement and support from this MP family. Every day we're coming across incidents where we can try to put a smile on the face of an officer shot, going through surgery or suffering from other injuries or illnesses. If you know of an officer that could use our help please feel free to let us know and we'll rally together to get them through their most courageous battle yet.

     We know that your heart breaks, alongside ours, each and every time we hear of an officer made his or her most ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. They did it ' SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE' and while we are here breathing we will always honor them first and help out however we can. So when you buy something here be sure to select which charity you'd like your donation to go to and we'll take care of the donation on your behalf.