This MP shirt is designed for the warrior who bleeds blue. The 1* distressed design in the front is printed with inks that wont crack and are soft to the touch. Metallic silver inks are spattered throughout to give it the perfect touch. This shirt is a specially treated 100% pre-washed super soft cotton that wont shrink. The edges of the sleeves, bottom of shirt and neckline are grinded/distressed to match the design. The Quote on the back of the shirt is that of Nathan Hale and is read vertically left to right.

                 "I only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country."

These were the words of Nathan Hale before being hanged for espionage against Britain on September 22, 1776. These words have shaped a nation. Behind this 1* design there's a man who would make the greatest sacrifice to save others and if he had the opportunity, no matter how devastating the outcome, the domestic warrior bearing this 1* shirt would do it all over again.