-- NOW TESTING 2020 UOF  -- 

PRE-ORDER: Est. 2-3 weeks to ship.

Design details : All units 10-6  Until 2020 UOF testing is complete.  All surrounding counties have demanded zero enforcement within NYC. It's now a CRIME to accidentally touch numerous areas of a perp. when effecting a lawful arrest. Diaphragm, chest , back ... Our minds are blown, but they still want you to go out there and do Gods work with ZERO backing from the city... "The DA's wont prosecute this" some high ranking MOS said at Compstat. We shall see when the first UOF testing dummy is hung out to dry. Protect yourself the city shall REAP WHAT THEY SOW. 

Patch details : 3.5" PD unit patch shape. Embroidered text and black background with printed art to capture all details. Hand sewn velcro backing, made int eh United States. Choose with Velcro or without. 

Image is a mockup of what the final patch will look like. Colors may vary. We will make this as great as possible for you. Test dummy will be printed and all surrounding areas embroidered with stitches. Velcro sewn to back in house. 

Note: this patch is not an official patch of the New York City Police Department. We create our art to spread the bond amongst law enforcers serving during this critical time.