MADE IN THE UNITED STATES w/ MP engineered liquid metal inks and a reverse US Flag patch sewn onto right shoulder make this a the most unique tribute done to date.

Soft ring spun -100% cotton and 100% Made in The USA. 

There's a war being waged against the police. FIVE HEROES IN DALLAS GAVE ALL. I was passionate and often lucky throughout my career as a Narcotics detective. I had more gun collars than I can count and somehow escaped with cuts and bruises and a couple good stories. I gave some... I gave my time and a little of my health but our brothers in Dallas... Our five brothers gave ALL. They gave everything that they could offer this world "So That Others May Live" in peace. There's no greater love, nothing more selfless and courageous than to make such tremendous sacrifice for your nation. At MP we were honored to be asked to put together a tribute shirt. We designed a shirt that bonds us with our 5 brave brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice on 7/7/2016. I spent about 20 hours perfecting this design... it's a MP original limited edition production that took the 1* design to an appropriate level - TO HONOR. After hearing so much about each member of our fallen family one thing kept coming up. It was their pride in our country and commitment to keeping this nation great. Celebrate the lives of our brave brothers combined with your commitment to the mission...