We're at war against a concealed enemy. This one's for our families and countless others. Let's reduce the spread of COVID-19 together... So others may live. When you must go out for essentials it's important to remind yourself and others to help flatten the curve with an imperative CDC recommendation. There is safety in distance of 6 Feet or greater but far too often these new regulations are not followed. Stay safe,  6 (or more) feet apart and keep doing your very best to help our nation. 

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping to begin. We will get these out as fast as possible. Ordering in bulk for your immediate family will save shipping time and money. 

Shirt Details: 100% soft ring-spun cotton. Mens slightly fitted cut. Bold print for most vibrancy. 

US Flag printed on right sleeve (US FLAG assault forward)

For Federal or Local Gov't distribution or any bulk orders 25 or greater please email