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Hand drawn art, 100% soft pre-washed, black cotton shirt, silk screened using 100% discharge inks for maintaining the soft hand of our premium shirts.

Created in August, 2011. This is a hand drawn tribute to those that know what it's like to follow the trail of a fresh scent. You can feel it... There's no more slack on the leash... You know you're getting closer to some crazed social deviant. He just stole an innocent life and you're going to be the first on the scene to make him pay. You run a couple scenarios through your mind as your pace picks up but your tactics subconsciously take over and your gun is already leveled at the perps center mass. He tossed the gun, he's gonna plead insanity down the road but for now it's your best friends turn for some good 'ole K9 justice... "Good boy."

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