Comfort, fashion and enforcement chaos intertwine as this hand drawn biker design is printed on a custom full metal zipped hooded sweatshirt. Do you even VELCRO? This hood comes with sewn on 4x5 inches of velcro and we also include a (reverse) U.S Flag patch for your right shoulder. Wear our flag, rock your own or slap on your state, unit, secret squirrel or patch if you prefer. It's your world we're just here to perfect some badassery. Extremely comfortable 10 oz Fleece lined 80% cotton/20% polyester. 

Our #1 seller... This is the official MP 'uniform of the night'. There is no bond stronger than the one between enforcers and true patriots. Pride in our country and a commitment to putting social deviants where they belong is depicted with the MP Biker Hoodie. Wether you ride or not we're a force that's unmatched anywhere in the world and we're spreading. Currently represented every state in the US and numerous countries around the globe but primarily in the US Northeast region and heavily in New York City's 5 boroughs. See someone out there repp'ing this hoodie and know that when CHAOS arrives there's a brother or sister that will always have the courage to back you up. Welcome to the family of enforcers and patriots. 

Thank you for being part this mission. CARPE NOCTEM.

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