NEVER FORGET #2. It only takes 73 NEWTONS of force or 16 pounds of pressure at a 1 inch impact to fracture a human skull. A 4 y/o or a 100 y/o can achieve force well beyond the threshold to result in death. This is why we were trained that use of lethal force against an individual in possession of a baseball bat is justified. Why does the Bronx District Attorney seem to make up their own laws. The state wanted nothing to do with this case stating that there is no dispute that the subject was armed. Sgt. Barry was in an extremely volatile situation and was fortunate to be able to negotiate with the subject to drop a pair of scissors. She later picked up a baseball bat and Sgt. Barry was forced to use lethal force in order to protect life. This shooting is within department guidelines and also justified in every NYC Borough except one. THEY TOOK TARGET #2 FROM THE RANGE BUT THEY CAN'T TAKE #2 OFF OUR BACKS. 

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