Hand drawn art, 100% soft pre-washed, black cotton shirt, silk screened using discharge inks, supreme for maintaining the softness of our premium shirts.

     The dead person's heart was placed on a scale, balanced by the Feather of Ma'at. If the deceased had been found to not have followed the concept of ma'at during his life; if he had lied, cheated, killed or done anything against ma'at, his heart was devoured by Ammut, Demon of the Dead, and the sinner died the final death. If the heart weighed the same as the feather of Ma'at, then the deceased was allowed to go on to the afterlife. This ancient Egyptian legend evolved into our modern day lady justice holding the scales. Justice is blind and ma’at is all knowing. There's no hiding it as you have made your bed; everything is considered... "Ad Pondus Omnium" Latin meaning "To Weigh Everything" is written boldly on the back of this one of a kind premium MP shirt.