BLACKED OUT FOR NIGHT OPS or off duty "bonafide restaurant" hopping.

Freedom is NOT free; Remind the sheep being able to graze in ignorant bliss. There are rough men and women who took an oath and pay for freedom with their loyalty, sacrifices and readiness to do violence on others behalf. This hat symbolizes everything we stand for. As peaceMAKERS we will hold the line and fight for others in need and this blue family. 
HAT DETAILS: MP & Multicam Black. An officially licensed premium camo product. Superior quality snapback with 3D embroidery. Black underneath visor. One size fits all.  
EMBROIDERY: Premium 3D stitched front embroidery with solid black threads. We slowed down the machine to make sure the stitch is precise and compliments the design. Each hat takes over 35 minutes to embroider but we wouldn't have it any other way. 
We are proud to have you on our side. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS. M5:9